Sexual Abuse Survivors
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Sexual Abuse Survivors

PCVA attorneys have represented thousands of survivors over the years, helping them achieve justice and hold the institutions that failed to protect them accountable. We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in damages on their behalf.

When Can I Bring A Lawsuit For Sexual Abuse?

Sexual assault or abuse often happens when survivors are in a position of dependency and/or trust of the abuser. Examples include:

  • Boy Scouts and other youth organizations, such as sports training groups
  • Coaching settings, in schools or in community sports organizations
  • Foster care and other protective care settings for minors
  • Group homes and other care settings for people with disabilities or special needs
  • Nursing homes and other long-term care facilities
  • Church settings, including in the Catholic church and other faith-based communities
  • In public and private school settings
  • In the workplace

How PCVA Can Help

Our nationally recognized attorneys have worked with thousands of survivors of sexual abuse to help them navigate the complicated and emotional process of bringing to justice their perpetrators and ensuring they receive just compensation. Our attorneys have been involved in some of the most complicated and concerning sexual abuse cases in the country and are often consulted by law firms across the country for guidance and expertise when representing sexual abuse survivors.

If you or a loved one experienced sexual abuse or assault, our attorneys are here to listen and help. Speak with a lawyer for free by completing our intake form or calling us at (253) 948-3199 or (206) 536-2850. All conversations are confidential.

Featured Case

PCVA was able to secure a $3 million dollar settlement for our client from the State of Washington’s Department of Social and Health Services after systematic failures on the part of Child Protective Services allowed rape and sexual abuse to occur against her and her children for years. A failure to notify and engage law enforcement allowed the abuse to continue for over a decade while the family lived in hiding in two states. PCVA partners Michael T. Pfau, Darrell L. Cochran and Vincent T. Nappo took on the case and worked with our client to secure a $3 million settlement on her behalf.

PCVA has secured settlements and won jury verdicts for thousands of sexual abuse survivors. Many of the defendants in these cases were the Catholic Church (and its various religious orders), the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon Church), the Boy Scouts of America and the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). We have also represented clients in cases against other entities, such as athletic organizations.

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