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A Trusted Legal Resource For Addressing Elder Neglect

We offer experienced and compassionate legal advocates who are committed to protecting the rights and interests of victims and their families.

What Is Elder Neglect?

Elderly neglect in health care settings can be evident when elderly people present with bedsores and other outward signs such as malnutrition. Other examples of claims for neglect against elderly people include:

  • Lack of provision of proper hydration
  • Medication errors, such as incorrectly prescribing drugs
  • Unexplained falls
  • Failure to prevent or properly treat infections
  • Assaults within the care home or hospital setting
  • Burns from scalding bathwater

Elderly neglect sometimes falls within the realm of medical malpractice, and it cannot be tolerated. We have had a number of successful cases against hospitals and nursing homes when a patient is neglected. For example, we settled a case in 2011 that resulted in a confidential settlement against Franciscan Health System for injuries to an 84-year-old woman that included bed sores.

Did You Know?
As many as 1 in 10 Americans aged over 60 have experienced elder neglect or abuse. If you or your family member was one of them, know your rights. Consult with an attorney.

Why Is It Important To Report Elderly Neglect?

The elderly are a vulnerable group of society and as a result it is important that health care providers that do not care for them in the proper way, and cause harm, are reprimanded and justice is sought. When medical errors and a lack of proper care cause serious injury or wrongful death, the victims and their family members are entitled to seek answers and accountability from those who were responsible.

How Can We Help?

If you think that you or your loved one has been the victim of elder neglect, then you should contact us to see if you have a potential claim. Our team of committed lawyers has dealt with numerous claims for compensation involving elderly people, and our office has the resources to quickly evaluate your case and determine if legal action should be taken on your behalf. Let us help you. Reach us online or call us in Seattle at (206) 462-4334 or Tacoma at (206) 462-4334. We are here to help.