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Questions We Often Answer About Our Firm And Our Law Practice

1. How is your firm different from other personal injury law firms in the Seattle and Tacoma areas?

First, we do not consider ourselves to be in competition with other law firms. We recognize and celebrate victories won by all successful advocates for people injured in traffic accidents, through medical mistakes and in countless other situations involving negligence and serious harm caused by that negligence.

Nonetheless, we often find ourselves in the position of mentoring and modeling our skills for other legal practitioners for a variety of reasons. Our track record of successful outcomes speaks volumes. Our focus and skill in the sensitive but critical area of advocacy for people harmed through sexual abuse set us apart from many other personal injury law firms. We are often called upon to lead seminars, teach continuing legal education (CDE) events and otherwise use our public speaking skills to spread our knowledge among others who will also fight for the rights of the injured.

2. How do you quantify success?

We measure our success through the level of relief our advocacy brings to each client, bringing them new reasons to hope for a fruitful life despite serious injury. See many examples on our Case Results page, such as the $60 million settlement our lawyers helped negotiate for victims of the Oso landslide in 2014 and the $10 million jury verdict attorney Darrell L. Cochran recovered for a young man who suffered serious brain injuries when he was attacked by three other young people in the foster care system.

From an overview vantage point, we offer a few numbers that tell a great deal about our practice:

  • Our combined years of experience among all lawyers at the firm equals more than 150. Considering that we often collaborate when developing cases, this depth and breadth of experience has a real impact on our clients’ case outcomes.
  • We have recovered more than $330 million in verdicts and settlements for our injured and wronged clients. This number continues to grow with each successful jury trial or conclusive settlement conference. More than dollars, this number adds up to H-O-P-E for someone with a serious brain injury, a spinal cord injury or cerebral palsy.
  • We have handled more than 100 cases. We choose carefully which cases to take on so we may apply our skills where we can make the greatest difference for injured people.
  • More than 10 of our lawyers are included in the Super Lawyers list. We consider this an honor for the whole law firm because of what it says about our reputation as individuals working together to bring justice and relief to our clients.
  • Our mission in all cases and at all times is to bring about justice for the injured. That’s what we will continue to do as long as we are able.

3. How do you choose which cases to take?

Fortunately, many cases well-suited for our firm come to us by way of self-selection. In other words, our reputation helps us attract the cases that are the best fit for what we have to offer. Potential clients, as well as other lawyers who refer cases to us, understand that serious injury claims are our forte. We bring hope to people whose lives have been dramatically changed through someone else’s wrongdoing or negligence.

When a case comes to our attention, we look carefully at the facts to determine whether the likely outcome will justify the intense preparation we typically give each claim or lawsuit. We take our time in evaluating cases, with no obligation for those whose cases we decline, but often refer to other law firms.

When it is up to us to decide whether we will accept a case, we always ask ourselves, “Will our talents and our resources serve this client appropriately or would another law firm be a better match?”

4. What should a potential client do first to get the dialogue with your attorneys off on the right foot?

Do not hesitate to dive in and get started learning about us and alerting us to your accidental injuries or other harms you have experienced. Make that phone call or send that email inquiry. Once you are in personal communication with us, expect us to listen carefully and advise you wisely. In turn, we hope you will:

  • Honestly tell your story.
  • Share with us the evidence you have concerning your injuries and the causes of an accident or wrongful acts by others.
  • Allow us to explain how you can best seek relief after an injury or loss.
  • Expect honesty and if we take your case, also expect hard work and clear communications throughout the process.

5. How can I get in touch with one of your lawyers?

Call (206) 462-4334 to reach our Seattle offices or (253) 777-0799 to reach our Tacoma offices. You may also complete our online intake form for a prompt response.