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Church Or Priest Sexual Abuse

Over the past two decades, thousands of people have courageously come forward to speak out about the sexual abuse they suffered at the hands of priests and other clergymen. In the course of that time, many have taken their abusers to court to achieve justice and fair compensation that has helped them move forward.

Working hand in hand with survivors and their families, our nationally recognized trial attorneys have successfully brought to justice individuals and institutions throughout Washington state and the country.

When Can Someone Bring A Lawsuit For Clergy Abuse?

Sexual assault or abuse often happens when victims are in a position of dependency and/or trust of the abuser, which is often the case in church or religious settings.

While laws vary state to state, PCVA’s trial attorneys have nationwide experience and extensive knowledge in this area to help you determine your legal options.

How PCVA Can Help

If you or a loved one has been sexually abused by a clergyman or church volunteer, you need an attorney advocate on your side that understands what you’re going through. Our trial attorneys have helped many clients successfully navigate the legal process to recover compensation.

When you’re ready, our lawyers are here to listen and help. Talk to a lawyer for free by completing our online form or calling us at (253) 948-3199 or (206) 536-2850. All conversations are confidential.

Our Case Results

$9.15M settlement for 8 men sexually abuse in the Seattle Archdiocese
$1.46M Settlement in Two Sex Abuse Lawsuits Against Seattle Archdiocese
$1.1M Settlement Reached in Church of Latter-Day Saints Sex Abuse Lawsuit
$725K Settlement in Sexual Abuse Case Against Seattle Archdiocese