PCVA Settles Two Sex Abuse Lawsuits Against Seattle Archdiocese for $1.46M

Oct 27, 2022 | Sexual Abuse

Attorneys Darrell Cochran and Patrick Brown recently settled two sex abuse lawsuits against the Seattle Catholic Archdiocese for a combined total of $1.46 million. PCVA represented two women who were abused when they were students at St. Louise Parish School in Bellevue, Washington, more than 40 years ago. Both plaintiffs came forward after learning of a settlement against the Archdiocese by Darrell and Patrick late last year.

In the 1980s, the school employed a known male sexual predator identified in testimony as “Mr. Roman,” a school playground attendant. The Seattle Archdiocese knew or should have known that Mr. Roman posed a significant risk to students. Despite this, he was allowed continuous and unfettered access to students and would groom female students for abuse by showing favoritism and giving candy.

The St. Louise Parish failed to act on the employee’s behavior, instead ignoring his misconduct. Because of the abuse, both plaintiffs continue to suffer from mental anguish and emotional distress.

While financial compensation cannot undo the wrongs committed, the resolutions are helping both plaintiffs move forward with their healing processes.

“I was impressed by the sincerity of the archdiocese, their receptivity to the victim’s claims, and their willingness to step up and be accountable for the harms caused,” Darrell said.

We are continuing to investigate the identity of the perpetrator, as we believe there are a number of other victims. He is allegedly of Philippine descent and had grandchildren attending the school. He may have been transferred to a different country following a report from a concerned parent. If you have information regarding the identity of Mr. Roman, please contact us.