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Exploding Batteries

Small, compact, and powerful, lithium-ion batteries are a remarkable product found in items ranging from laptops to cellphones to cars. As a result, there are millions of consumers using these batteries every day.

With growing demand for smaller gadgets, batteries have to fit into increasingly smaller spaces. When manufacturers fail to implement appropriate safeguards or make mistakes integrating the battery into products, these batteries can fail and cause explosions or catch fire, resulting in property damage and personal injuries.

Who Is Responsible?

Manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers have a legal duty to act reasonably so as to avoid injuring other people. This legal duty applies to identifying defects and removing defective products from shelves. If manufacturers, suppliers, or retailers have failed to take necessary steps to identify, resolve, or remove defective products, they could be liable for any harm caused by those products.

If you have been injured due to an exploding battery, you may be entitled to compensation to cover the costs of damages and injuries. Damages and injuries could include property, physical or psychological impacts, or the economic losses from being unable to work.

What Happens In A Product Liability Case?

When you move forward with a product liability case, our highly experienced attorneys will conduct an investigation into the product or purchased item (such as a phone, car, or hoverboard) that has not performed as expected and harmed an individual and/or his or her property. We will then work to ensure that all involved obtain the compensation that they deserve.

How PCVA Can Help

Let one of our experienced attorneys evaluate your product liability case in a free initial consultation. Complete our online form or call (253) 777-0799 or (206) 462-4334 to speak with a lawyer free of charge.