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Perpetrator Who Abused PCVA Client Arrested After Decades of Evading Authorities

Sep 20, 2022 | Firm News, Sexual Abuse

PCVA attorneys Michael Pfau, Darrell Cochran and Vinnie Nappo helped Rae (a pseudonym) receive a $3 million settlement against Washington State in 2014 after she alleged negligence by Child Protective Services for failing to properly intervene when she was subjected to severe abuse at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend at the time. Years later, she is receiving another round of justice.

Last month, social media led to the arrest of the perpetrator, who repeatedly sexually abused Rae in the 1990s. A criminal claim against him was previously barred by the statute of limitations, but following a 2003 Congressional action eliminating that statute, the criminal case will now proceed.

“In the end it works out,” said Michael Pfau. “It shows the long arm of the law. This guy’s been evading justice for 30 years.”

Nothing can undo the terrible abuse Rae was subjected to, but we are thankful that Rae’s perpetrator will finally stand before a court for his crimes, which we hope will result in a sentence that will prevent him from hurting others in the future.

You can read the full story in The Spokesman-Review here: