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Serious Injury
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Serious Injury

After a serious injury – whether it was due to a car accident, surgery, or defective product – focusing on your recovery should be your top priority. With an attorney advocate on your side, the process of dealing with insurance companies can be made easier, and we can ensure you receive the most for your claim.

When Is Filing A Lawsuit The Right Course Of Action?

Serious injuries, either physical or psychological, are those that have life-changing effects – such as disfiguration, nerve damage, traumatic brain injury, blindness, loss of limb and other similar injuries – or result in death. Examples of the most common accidents and serious injuries include:

  • Traffic accidents such as car, truck, motorcycle, and mass transit accidents (bus and railroad injuries to passengers or crew members)
  • Workplace injuries, sometimes caused by negligent third parties (not the employers)
  • Construction injuries such as falls from ladders, injuries caused by power tools and more
  • Accidents caused by defective products, such as exploding batteries, fuel burners, and other volatile devices

Because many serious injury claims have strict time limits for taking legal action, it’s best to speak to a lawyer about compensation options as soon as possible.

Who Should File A Serious Injury Lawsuit?

Consider taking legal action if:

  • You have been seriously injured and it was not your fault
  • You are acting on behalf of someone else who has suffered an injury
  • You are grappling with the loss of a loved one who died because of an injury

How PCVA Can Help

Our team of exceptional trial attorneys have years of experience successfully resolving some of the most complicated and serious injury cases. If you have been impacted by a serious injury, contact us by filling out the online intake form or calling us at (253) 948-3199 or (206) 536-2850 to speak with a lawyer for free.

Featured Case

After being struck by a motor vehicle, our client suffered lower extremity and gastro internal dysfunction and neuropsychological injury, requiring therapy. PCVA partners Thomas B. Vertetis and Elizabeth P. Calora took on the case and worked with our client, eventually securing a $5,425,000 settlement on their behalf.

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