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February 18, 2016

SEATTLE, WA – Apple released an operating system update today that it claims will fix a catastrophic error that left thousands of customers’ iPhones useless.  This announcement comes one week after PCVA filed a class action lawsuit over this defect, commonly known as “Error 53”.  Apple also announced plans to compensate customers who purchased replacements for their inoperable or “bricked” phones.

“Our lawsuit has accomplished goal number one:  to get Apple to create an immediate solution for people whose phones were bricked by Error 53,” said Darrell Cochran, PCVA’s lead attorney for the class action suit.  “We’re going to make sure that Apple follows through with its promises, but we appreciate that the company says it’s going to solve this problem and compensate its customers who were victimized by it.  That’s good business.”

Cochran said the details have not been released yet about compensation for customers who spent money trying to get a working iPhone because of this error.  “It will be important to see whether Apple acknowledges how badly this defect harmed people,” Cochran said.

Cochran added that he wants to make sure that Apple recognizes that people stored important information on their phones only to have it all erased.  “With all the customers we think were impacted, reimbursement is a critical component to whether a proposed settlement is fair and reasonable.”