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Multicare CEO Will Retire In 2014

September 5, 2013

Five months after PCVA filed suit against the South Sound’s largest hospital conglomerate, MultiCare, and its California-based lien collection agency, Hunter Donaldson, MultiCare’s President and Chief Executive Officer has announced her intention to retire next year.  According to MultiCare, CEO Diane Cecchettini will step down sometime in the first half of 2014.

In April, PCVA filed suit against MultiCare and Hunter Donaldson for defrauding accident victims by engaging in lien fraud.  PCVA’s Darrell Cochran and Tacoma attorney Tom Gallagher brought the lawsuit on behalf of five Pierce County residents along with a request that the suit be granted class action status.

“Every single lien MulitCare filed through Hunter Donaldson is based on a fraudulent notary,” Cochran said.  “That violates the law. “

MultiCare, which operates 5 hospitals and dozens of primary and urgent care clinics, is accused of conspiring with California-based Hunter Donaldson to falsely register a non-resident as a notary.  That fraudulent notary then signed and filed thousands of illegal medical services liens with the Pierce County Auditor’s office.

Shortly after the suit was filed, MultiCare issued a state to The News Tribune stating,  “MultiCare has temporarily suspended the enforcement of all medical liens issued on its behalf by Hunter Donaldson. We will meet with representatives from Hunter Donaldson as soon as possible.”

Despite MultiCare’s representations to the newspaper, Hunter Donaldson continues its efforts to collect money on the invalid and fraudulently created liens.