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Everett School District Under Fire Again for Sexual Abuse by a Teacher

September 18, 2017

Seattle attorneys Darrell Cochran and Kevin Hastings have filed a complaint on behalf of a second victim of Everett School District teacher Craig Verver.  Mr. Verver is accused of having a sexual relationship with a student at Cascade High School in Everett.  The student, identified by her initials, A.G., was groomed by Mr. Verver, using his position of power to do so, leading to an ongoing sexual relationship.

Everett School District failed to protect our client from Mr. Verver’s grooming and sexual abuse.  This is not the first lawsuit against the Everett School District for sexual abuse by Mr. Verver.  PCVA represents A.T. in a similar lawsuit that is currently ongoing.

If you can provide additional information about Mr. Verver or the Everett School District’s knowledge of Mr. Verver’s actions, we ask you to please contact us.

To read the complaint filed today, click here: A.G. v. Everett School District – Sexual Abuse Complaint – PCVA.law

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