The consequences of broadside collisions

Jan 28, 2020 | Vehicle Accidents

Sadly, many people sustain major injuries and even pass away when their vehicle is involved in a broadside collision. When a driver or passenger is struck by another vehicle in the side, or t-boned, the crash is extremely unsettling and many drivers have no way to avoid the wreck or protect themselves. These collisions frequently cause victims to sustain serious injuries because of the way in which a broadside collision impacts vehicles. Often, those colliding with the side of another vehicle are traveling at very high speeds, making the consequences even more disastrous. 

Vehicles are carefully designed to improve the safety of drivers and passengers. However, many of the safety features focus on head-on and rear-end collisions. As a result, many vehicles are not as capable of protecting occupants during a broadside collision. When a vehicle is struck in the side by another vehicle, a number of factors play a role in the severity of the crash, such as the size of each vehicle and the speed at which drivers were traveling. These accidents frequently result in injuries to the spine, head and neck, which often require long-term care and result in many lasting challenges. 

Auto accident victims who sustain a head or neck injury often have increased difficulty recovering from an accident. Some have memory problems or experience changes to their personality, while others lose the ability to walk or participate in sports that they enjoy. The consequences of every crash are different, but broadside collisions have a particularly high chance of causing serious injuries. Please visit our accidents page to read other topics related to auto accident injuries.