PCVA Successfully Defends $91M Verdict in Tisdale Lawsuit

Aug 24, 2021 | Firm News

Partners Darrell Cochran and Chris Love helped Fong Law PLLC attorneys Eric Fong, Emma Aubrey and Ken McEwan successfully defend their $91 million verdict – the largest single plaintiff personal injury verdict in Washington history.

At trial, the Fong Law Firm represented plaintiff William Tisdale, who in 2015 was severely beaten with a baseball bat at a convenience store in Parkland, which resulted in traumatic brain injury. That suit was filed in Pierce County Superior Court against the company, APRO LLC. In June 2021, a jury awarded Tisdale the $91 million verdict.

However, APRO LLC then attempted to overturn or reduce the verdict. Fong Law Firm called in PCVA to defend the verdict. The team successfully argued before the court to reject a new trial, and the court refused to reduce the verdict by even a single dollar. The team’s efforts also forced the defendant to post a bond securing the full amount of judgment, plus interest, completely preserving every dollar awarded to Tisdale during any appeals. Darrell and Chris will serve as lead counsel for any appeals.

Darrell, Chris and the rest of the attorneys at PCVA are ready and available to stand together with attorneys like Eric, Emma, and Ken and step into the highest stakes post-trial proceedings and appeals in any court in Washington State.