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Darrell Cochran Profiled in Authority Magazine

Jan 7, 2022 | Firm News

Authority Magazine recently profiled Darrell Cochran for its series “Top Lawyers: The 5 Things You Need to Become a Top Lawyer in Your Specific Field of Law.”

In the interview, Darrell discusses what drew him to become a lawyer, citing a desire to help others from a young age as well as a passion for absorbing information, including books on famous criminal defense attorneys F. Lee Bailey and Richard “Racehorse” Haynes.

Darrell also pulls on his own experiences as a personal injury lawyer to provide advice to other attorneys seeking to make a name for themselves within the plaintiff’s bar.

“The three character traits instrumental to my success are being dauntless, dynamic and driven,” Darrell told Authority Magazine. “Showing courage and being relentless are critical for a trial lawyer, and even more essential in personal injury matters where you are up against multiple defense law firms and insurance companies with limitless resources.”

Other topics that Darrell’s interview touches on include the significance that choice of law school plays in one’s legal career, what drives and motivates him in his practice, and what he plans to do with the next chapter of his career.

The full interview is available here.