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Church pulling 400,000 from scandal-plagued Boy Scouts

Jan 1, 2020 | Sexual Abuse

Millions of youths across Washington and the rest of the nation are currently involved in Boy Scouts of America, but hundreds of thousands of them are about to leave the organization and instead create an entirely new one. At Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala PLLC, we recognize that the sexual abuse allegations that have long plagued the Boy Scouts organization are one of the main reasons for the change. We have helped many people who experienced sexual abuse at the hands of someone in a position of authority pursue recourse in the aftermath. 

Time reports that, for decades, there has been a strong relationship between the Boy Scouts organization and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. However, about 400,000 young members of the faith are now removing themselves from the Boy Scouts organization, representing about 18% of its total membership. 

With the loss of 400,000 of its young members, the Boy Scouts organization will have its lowest membership since the 1970s. Part of the organization’s declining numbers are the likely result of hundreds of lawsuits involving it, many of which allege that young scouts experienced sexual abuse at the hands of scout leaders, camp counselors and others closely involved with scouting. 

Hundreds of former scouts have filed lawsuits alleging abuse across Arizona, California, New York and New Jersey now that new laws have made it easier for victims to come forward with allegations of abuse that occurred a long time ago. These lawsuits, coupled with declining membership numbers, may eventually lead the Boy Scouts organization to file for bankruptcy. More information for victims of sexual abuse is available on our webpage.