Children and the risk of fatal bike accidents

Oct 15, 2020 | Serious Injury

Whether you recently lost a child in a bicycle accident or you are worried about your child’s safety when they ride their bicycle, there are many issues to consider with regard to traffic accidents. Sadly, children are especially vulnerable on the road for a host of reasons and some drivers do not pay attention to bicyclists while they are operating a vehicle.

It is important to understand how prevalent fatal bike accidents are among children and take steps to prevent a fatal wreck. Even when a child is able to survive a serious bike wreck, they often struggle with very challenging physical and emotional hardships.

How many people die in bike wrecks?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 857 bicyclists lost their lives in traffic crashes during 2017. Sadly, many young bicyclists die as a result of reckless drivers, such as those who drive drunk, go over the speed limit, use their phone on the road or drive while they are extremely tired. It is crucial for parents who have lost a child as a result of a driver’s negligence to examine their legal options.

How can parents help protect young bicyclists?

From ensuring that your child wears a proper helmet while riding a bicycle to discussing some of the risks they face on the road and strategies to avoid an accident, there are different ways you can help keep your child safe. Reflective clothing and avoiding dangerous areas can also help prevent a bike accident. Due to their smaller size and inexperience, some children are especially likely to become involved in an accident while riding their bicycles near traffic.