Boy Scouts file for bankruptcy following sexual abuse scandal

Mar 9, 2020 | Sexual Abuse

Sex abuse scandals sometimes attract a large amount of media attention, usually due to the famous nature of some defendants. However, for victims of this crime, it can mean that institutions and groups they once trusted are now sources of worry. One such example is the Boy Scouts of America, who were recently caught in the middle of a large child sexual abuse scandal.

According to ABC News, the well-known youth scouting organization Boy Scouts of America officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on February 18th. The program had previously stated that they did not allow known predators to work with children, but has since admitted that their statements were false. Since then, a monetary assessment is being made to try to value what their collective assets are worth. The money will go to pay off the victims who sued previously. This case in particular is highly complicated because the organization is massive in size and currently operates in all fifty states.

Much like the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church, it is a bombshell that digs up old incidents which were previously covered up. Many of the cases happened a number of years prior, which makes it even harder to find justice for some victims. Precautionary measures, such as background checks, were also employed, but were not as affected as hoped. Within the past couple decades, attendance and enrollment for the Boy Scout program steadily decreased, going from around 4 million scouts enrolled to only 2 million in recent years.

Sexual abuse can be scarring no matter how long ago it occurred. Talking to an attorney can help you find justice for any harm done to you.