Anelga Doumanian Profiled in “How I Made It” Series

May 26, 2022 | Firm News recently profiled Anelga Doumanian for its series “How I Made It.” The full interview is available here.

In the interview, Anelga discusses her path to partnership at the firm and provides advice for younger attorneys following in her footsteps. She encourages associates to not be satisfied with the status quo.

“[I] always [look] for creative solutions and innovations to resolve problems and challenges,” Anelga told “I am constantly pushing myself to grow, or at the very least am avoiding staying stagnant. Complacency is simply not a recipe for growth.”

When asked what advice she would give her younger self, Anelga said the following: “As a young lawyer, sit in on as many depositions, mediations, hearings, meetings and conference calls as you possibly can—not only with one attorney from your firm but with multiple attorneys. People have a different approach to problems, so cultivating your treasure chest of solutions is something you can never start too early.”

Other topics touched on in the interview include the significance of mentors, dealing with secondary trauma when working on cases involving abuse, Anelga’s thoughts on the biggest mistake young attorneys make, and some of the challenges that she has faced in her career thus far.