$1.885 Million Settlement Reached in Tukwila Dog Bite Attack Due to Alleged Negligence of King County Animal Control and a Local Motel

Jul 8, 2024 | Firm News, Serious Injury

Nagy Ibrahim will receive a $1,885,000 settlement in restitution for a dog attack by two adult, unaltered, male American Pit Bulls. Ibrahim alleged that this attack could have been avoided if a Tukwila Motel acted to remove the dogs from its premises and if King County Animal Control performed its duty of properly investigating a previously reported attack by these dogs at the same Motel. King County Animal Control and the Motel denied wrongdoing.

Ibrahim was a guest at a Tukwila Motel where he was attacked by two dogs owned by a guest who was a long-time resident of the Motel, Lamar Smith. Smith had four dogs and historically demonstrated a lack of control over his dogs’ aggression.

A motel guest was attacked on October 1, 2021 by two of Smith’s dogs. After this attack, both dogs remained in Smith’s care at the Motel. There is no evidence that King County or the Motel attempted to remove the dogs from the premises after the “absolutely horrible” injuries as described by Animal Control Officer Silvia Reyes. This victim was attacked first by Shaisty who bit her arm, latching on, and dragging her to the ground only to have Smith’s other dog, Fierce, attack by biting and latching on above her face.

In December 2021, PCVA client Ibrahim was standing in the Tukwila Motel’s parking lot near the truck he used for his business when he was attacked by Smith’s same two dogs, Fierce and Shaisty. The two dogs ran down the stairs and charged toward Ibrahim without provocation. The two dogs dragged Ibrahim to the ground and began biting his arms, legs, and neck. It took three other individuals to pull the dogs off our client. Ibrahim experienced severe pain from the attack. Both of his shoulders were dislocated due to the dogs pulling them in separate directions; his left wrist was also broken. He remembers the sound of the dogs chewing on his flesh during this prolonged attack.

According to King County records, Animal Control and the Motel were aware of these dogs being reported for aggressive behavior and failed to act promptly to prevent this attack on Ibrahim. His injuries from the dog attack are permanent and life-altering These physical and mental scars will never disappear. He has a permanent disability in his left hand and left wrist that stymies his ability to be a successful business owner. This settlement will help Ibrahim receive the medical treatment he needs to have a semblance of his prior functioning.

William T. McClure, lead attorney for Ibrahim and senior associate at Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala says, “Dog bite attacks often come out of nowhere and are extremely traumatic experiences for those bitten.” In addition, he stressed, “But when an entity like Animal Control or a Motel has knowledge that dangerous dogs have attacked someone before, they have the responsibility to protect others from future dog attacks.”

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