Should I seek legal advice before signing an insurance settlement?

Dec 7, 2020 | Serious Injury |

After suffering through an accident and sustaining a serious injury, you will likely notice insurance companies swooping in to offer you money to settle your claim. Agreeing to the first offer may tempt you, but the amount is negligible compared to what you can recover through negotiating or by a lawsuit. Taking this initial deal means that you will settle for way less than what your claim is worth and you cannot go back to request more. 

The insurance company’s aim is to get a good deal, so hiring an attorney who will look out for your interests and advise you when the settlement is fair may benefit you. 

When to contact an attorney about your claim

There is more at stake for both you and the insurance company if your injuries are really serious and therefore costly. This may lead to more disputes so you should contact an attorney if you have an expensive or complex claim. Legal counsel can also help with claims where it is hard to establish fault or claims where you cannot agree early on. 

How legal advice can help with the claims process

At the start of the claims process, insurance companies may deny the claim. To avoid a denial to begin with, have an attorney advocate for you. To get the insurance adjusters to accept your claim, you may need to show more evidence and a lawyer can help with that. If you get counsel involved, insurance companies are less likely to deny your valid claim. 

To end up with a fair settlement that actually covers your needs, retaining an attorney is a great way to ensure that you end up with a settlement that is actually sufficient for your needs.