Girl abused by foster parents receives settlement

Dec 23, 2020 | Sexual Abuse |

Children are at the mercy of their adult caretakers, not only to provide them with food and shelter, but to give them the care, love and attention they need. Kids in the foster care system are particularly vulnerable, as they are moved from home to home. 

In some cases, children may be placed in a home that does not offer a nurturing environment. These homes may be physically, sexually and psychologically abusive, causing critical damage to young lives. 

A young girl abused

A young girl faced this type of abuse, claiming she was sexually abused in the home of a foster parent for more than 14 years. According to NBC news, the child was placed in the home of the assailant when she was just over 3 years old. Although she reported multiple incidents of sexual and physical abuse from the man who was supposed to care for her, the State of Washington failed to protect the young girl, intervene or take her out of the home. 

The girl managed to escape at one point, reporting to law officers that she had been raped and molested, but no action was taken. 

The assailant’s wife was also charged with negligence, as she failed to intervene and speak up on behalf of the abused girl. Several other victims came forward, claiming that the man had sexually assaulted them. 

A lack of protection

It is the state’s responsibility to protect children they place in the foster system. The lack of action that took place as a sign of true negligence and neglect. Before the case was sent to trial, the state settled for $2 million.